Low pitched noise under 97 CR-V

I’m driving a 97 Honda CR-V with auto and 4cyl motor. Lately, it started making a low pitched steady noise when the car is climbing hills. It seems to be coming from under the car. It was last in the shop at 123000 miles, other than oil changes and tires. Could that be the exhaust system? Or the drive shaft rubbing on something?

It’s getting close to needing another timing belt and I’m trying to decide whether to fix it or unload it for something with better gas mileage.

Any assumption made without actually hearing the noise would be irresponsible. Squeeling can be one of many things and I would say that the timing belt would also squeel during first, initial start up of the day if that was the problem. It is just too hard to tell without hearing because it can be anything from a vacuum leak to brake noise.

OK, now all you amatuers and half-assers out there can critcize my experience.