1998 Honda CRV Door Panel Removal



Hi Everyone,

My neighbor owns a 1998 Honda CRV.

A few weeks ago when he was putting WD40 in the keyway of the Door Locks, the small plastic tube on the WD40 got caught by the small metal flap which normally covers the keyway.

The flap clipped off about 1/2 Inch of the tube inside the keyway.

Presently the tube is in the back of the keyway and preventing the key from being inserted fully into the lock.

I tried to remove the door panel so that I could access the back of the lock cylinder and possibly remove the tube.

My problem is that I can remove the sides and bottom of the panel from the door, however I do not know how to remove the

top of the panel where the window passes through.

Is there a trick to it, or something else that I should look for that helps to hold the top of the panel to the door?

Has anyone else had this type of problem?

Any additional ideas would be appreciated greatly.

Thank You Very Much in advance for your help.



If this is like most cars, lower the window all the way and push the door panel up. Just make sure you haven’t missed any fasteners.


By the way, I’ve read more than once that WD-40 isn’t really good for locks and that graphite is what’s recommended.