1998 Honda Accord Sdn - Cam sensor

i have a 1998 honda accord the check engine light came on went to mechanic and checked it and he saids it is the cam sensor.he reset the check engine light and told me if it comes back on to call him.question is this safe?

Yes, it is safe. Why didn’t he change it?

It’s normal procedure to turn off the Check Engine light to see if the same code returns prior to replacing the suspect component.

Until that time, it’s safe to drive the vehicle.


That’s a reasonable suggestion the mechanic made if the only symptom is the check engine light w/a cam sensor code. But if you begin to hear any weird noises coming from the engine, turn the engine off immediately and tow the car to the shop. This is especially true if you have the 2.3L SOHC VTEC engine.