02 sensor /check engine light

i had a check engine light on my 2007 Honda. 10008 miles and auto parts store check and told me i had bad 02 sensor’s but they did not have any . told me i could clean them and they might work that didn’t happen .i ordered two new ones on line a upstream and a downstream not from the same company they worked for about 5 miles light came on do they have to be the same brand

What code(s) are displayed?


The code doesn’t necessarily mean the sensors are bad. They could be working correctly and reporting that some other component has failed, such as your catalytic converter. You need to do the proper diagnostic procedure before blindly replacing parts.


B 010 is what the auto parts store man told me i could not find that code any where on the internet

You need to have it rescanned and post the actual code. It should look like P0131 but with different numbers. Post the codes here and it will be helpful. I’ve experienced Honda’s are real sensitive to catylitic converter efficiencies and that may have triggered the code. But all is guessing without the actual code.

Thanks i will have it checked again

                                       P. Wilson

hi sorry it took so long to get back to you i was on my way to get a rescanned and the check engine light went off, but that day the outside temp. was a little cooler so i still don’t know what is going on can they scanned when the light is off ?

                                              thanks     p. wilson


If the scanner they use can read history codes.


For future reference, you should not take mechanical advice from parts store counter people. They may pull codes for you for free but their only job should be to tell you what those codes are.
Interpreting them should be left up to you, internet forums, or a local shop although the latter would correctly do their own scan and not rely on word of mouth.

I might ask whether or not the mileage is a typo. Ten k sounds a bit low for 14 years…

And I wonder if the code you refer to is PO 010.

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its a 2007 Honda accord and has a 108638 miles on if

                                       thanks p. wilson