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Honda Check Engine Light

I have a well maintained 94 Accord w/ 124K miles. While driving I am from time to time getting a ‘check engine’ light.Engine sounds fine. I understand this may be an O2 sensor problem. What risks am I taking by doing nothing?

There’s no way to know what is or isn’t happening without getting the codes read. You can run it by an Autozone and they will read the codes for you, free of charge. Post them here.

Thanks for the Autozone tip. I have one nearby and will check codes with them.

Your vehicle has the OBDI engine management system which means not as many paramiters are monitored like on the OBDII system. But one that is, is the O2 sensor.

When the crosscounts stop for the O2 sensor for more than 10 seconds, the engine mangement system will go to a default value for the fuel mixture. This default value is on rich side. So the engine will use more gas. And the Check Engine light comes on. If you go to parts store to get the codes read, they won’t be able to do it. Because they only have code readers for OBDII systems. However, there is a way to pull the codes from the computer with the use of a jumper wire connected to the service connector under the dash. Then when the ignition switch is turned to the run position, the Check Engine light flashes out the code number. So if there’s a code 41, 48, 61, 63, or 65, these are all related to the O2 sensor(s).

However,if you decide not to fix this, that means you can no longer state that you have a well maintained 94 Accord.


Risk is ruining the cat converter(pricey item) and not passing emissions if your state tests.