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1998 Honda Accord intermittent engine/emission problems

I have a 1998 Honda Accord with ~180K miles. On and off for the past 60K miles, it has had an issue with loss of power which usually is resolved by taking your foot off the gas and then hitting it again or pumping the gas pedal. During this time, the check engine light would turn on for a while and then turn off. This was fixed for about two years when we replaced the oxygen sensor and one fuel injector to pass emissions but this issue has reappeared. The car had failed emissions due to the fuel mix being too rich, if I remember correctly. Now the problem has resurfaced and twice the car wouldn’t start but then when tried the next day started fine. I have brought this into a few mechanics to get fixed but they can never find anything wrong or recreate the problem. Any suggestions?

Try another mechanic. If the CEL is on, or was on, there should be codes stored in the computer. These codes are part of the diagnostic system a mechanic should follow to determine the problem.

Most parts stores will also read the codes for you if you’re interested in knowing what they are.