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Door lock

My 1991 Honda Accord SE driver’s door will not open, as if it is locked. A good lock shop says it has a small part broken in the electric lock mechanism ($450+). A Honda dealer says, since the lock button on the door rises and falls when the lock switch is activated, it is not the mechanism but the linkage ($200+). Help!

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Make Some Calls. Find A Body / Collision Shop (Not A Car Mechanical Service Shop) Willing To Give You A Very Reasonable Estimate For Removing The Door Trim Panel And Telling You What Broke.

Body shops are the door experts. They replace doors, door skins, door shells, locks, latches, etcetera, all day long and should be less expensive for you.

They also deal with used parts and might be willing and able to round up used part / parts if they’re available and if they’re even necessary.