1998 GMC Jimmy Won't Start

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy. Cranks, but won`t start. Fuel is full. Engine stopped while driving. Battery light came on. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

Did battery light come on before it stopped running?
If it died and key is still on the battery,oil and other dash lights will be on.
First you need to find out if it is no gas or no spark.
Useing Starting fluid will tell you if you are getting gas.
One of these will tell you if you are getting spark. http://search.harborfreight.com/cpisearch/web/search.do?keyword=spark+checker&Submit=Go

I was not driving - my wife was; but I believe she said that the battery light came on before the engine stopped. Thank you for your help.

Any chance the fuel level is being falsely reported? I have seen this, cars towed in with the gas gague saying “gas in tank” when it really was empty.