97 Jimmy not firing

i have a 97 jimmy that won’t start. I have changed the fuel pump, checked the crank sensor, replaced wires. it gets fuel truns over but won’t fire. suggestions?

Yeah I know you replaced the fuel pump, but what is the pressure? These systems have to have 60 PSI to start. Do you have that?

You’re saying “won’t fire.” By that do you mean that it doesn’t have spark - as in you actually checked for spark and found none?

In addition, as pete peters said, replacing a fuel pump and finding fuel at the rail doesn’t ensure that you have the right pressure showing up at the rail.

It sounds like you are blindly guessing. This is expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. What is the history of this vehicle and the history of its current problem? Why were these things replaced?

Cigroller has a good point…do you have spark? WHen you try to start it a few times…go sniff your exhaust pipe immediately after… Yes I know that sounds funny to be a tail(pipe) sniffer but if you smell raw fuel in the pipe end you dont have spark. Or you could have an assistant crank it over and you can pull a wire to check for spark…

After that…I fear you may be coming into contact with the dreaded “Spider” The spider is the fuel delivery system in the top of the intake manifold of most GM trucks…not sure if your vehicle has a spider…but I think it does.

We need to know if you no start is fuel or spark related before continuing tho