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91 jimmy no start

ok, got a 91 jimmy…4.3l…battery died and now no start…has some kind of an alarm on it but i never used it or even ever heard it…i tried using the button on the remote thingy but no diff…going to put it on a jumper and see if i’ve got power going down to the starter…any other ideas? please help


my first idea is to ask you to clarify your post.
If the battery is dead, no you wont get any kind of starter action.
did you re-charge or replace dead battery? why did battery die? is the alternator busted too? With a new battery, do you get a clicking from the starter solenoid, or some other sound? What kind of shape is the ignition sw. in? ect. please try to use relatively whole sentences. that would help a lot.

You need to tell us if this is a “no-crank” or a “crank no-start”, after that follow the proper flow chart in a manual.

o yeah, it’s a no nothing…no click, no crank…
gonna pull the starter…i seem to have power everywhere…
and i’m prolly gonna have a mech remove the goodwrench
security thing…