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'99 GMC Jimmy won't start when cold or wet

My husband recently bought a used '99 GMC Jimmy 4x4. Recently he has discovered that there is a problem cranking it. If the temperature dips below 40-45 degrees or if it is humid the Jimmy won’t start. When the key is turned you can hear the starter trying to start it. It acts like a carborated vehicle flooding out. You can smell gas and if the hood is popped, and the air filter is removed you can see gas smoke coming out of the air filter location. This only happens when it won’t crank. On warm or clear days, it cranks just fine and there is no gas smell or hesitation.

If your husband just bought this vehicle does he know the last time the secondary ignition system was serviced? This includes the distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires, and spark plugs.

If not, then that’s where to start. Because it sounds it’s getting enough gas. But not enough spark.


The wires and plugs have been changed. He doesn’t know about the distributor cap or the rotor, so they probably need checking.

Are there any other parts that might need to be checked or replaced…if he was going to replace them on his own?