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Didn't start then did

hi all, my truck would not start yesterday.

turned over great but no fire…

a couple hours later, it fired right up…

where do i begin?


Make,model,miles,any work done lately.Has it done it before???

oops, it’s a 94 gmc jimmy, 137k, 4.3, about 2mos ago replaced EGR and gasket 'cause
it started to run rough, but it’s been perfect ever since.
never done this before.
also, trying to find a part…it’s i guess a flange or a seal that goes on the driver’s
side valve cover where i suppose a breather hose of some sort goes…the hose is there,
with it’s plastic end, but it just sits in the hole loose…
i wonder if that’s related to my problem? either way i still want to find that part…

How old are the plugs and how old are the wires? Has the weather been damp lately?

yeah, it was raining recently, but under the hood everything was dry…
plugs and wires are about a year old