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Shift solenoids

I have a Ford Focus 2003, with 63K miles, 60K tune-up done a few months ago. Recently the car jerks when accelerating, even went into neutral on the highway. The check engine light came up. The code is D075: shift solenoids, a malfunction. Is it a big transmission job to fix? What should I expect?

They’re not hard to do. Drop the pan and change them. They are about $80 a piece. Change the filter while you are in there and replace the pan gasket. This is a perfect time for a service. Note any debris in the pan like metal shavings (Brass, Aluminum, and steel)

Heres what they look like:


Plus there is a wire harness that connects them. check the condition of the internal AND external harnesses and plugs.

Thanks for the info.
I took the car to a local transmission shop. I was told that the car has ‘internal transmission problem’. They saw debris in the pan. They need to dissemble it for further diagnostic, replace the broken parts, then put it back. The estimate I got is 2000+. It sounds a LOT to me. Is that reasonable?

Excuse me for butting in but Transman, you advised me to try Berryman B12 in my Dodge trans awhile back. Well it has worked well for quite a while but is a little slow in shifting again. Thanks for your help.