Transmission in 2001 caravan 3.3flex

my van was just fine NO issues at all then a week ago i was pulling a trailer with a lawnmower and it wouldnt change gears when i accelerated. struggling to maintain speed i came home. ran OBDII and got code p750. got a solenoid from junk yard and new filter and fluid from auto zone changed them all cleared the codes with OBDII started it then shifted to L on up bacc to park ran my OBDII and now im still getting code p750 AS WELL AS codes p403 and p700… unsure of what to do next. when driving it still wont change gears just high RPM’s and no get up and go… if anyone can assist in this issue it would be GREATLY appreciated. being that im disabled i cant afford to put in shop due to my income. if theres a solution i NEED it! PLEASE

Don’t know the solution to your transmission problem. However you can drive a car, hook up a trailer,maybe mow the lawn, change the fluid, filter and solenoid in your transmission. Doesn’t sound very disabled to me.

What is definition of codes? U have a code list?

Try asking at - they have a forum specific to Chrysler Corp. minivans and Pacifica. There have been many Qs and As and hypotheses about transmisions over the years at that forum.

I have a 2000 dakota in the morning after the first start, moving foward the truck rocks and feels like trans. slipping. After 5 mins, just fine. Change the Trans. Ffilter?

“Got a Solenoid from the junk yard”.

Did it occur to you that maybe that the solenoid pack is faulty and that it fried the transmission in that vehicle and that’s why it’s in the junk yard?

Try installing a new solenoid pack.