Intermittent wiper switch

My work vehicle --1997 Dodge Carvan ( which I will do if I ever buy another from this manufacturer – dodge away!) has been experiencing during the use of my wipers a stoppageof the wipers whether in intermittent mode or not - but when they are on. With my many GM products, it was merely a replacement of the intermittent wiper switch or module ( a couple of screw turns) and away good as new. I have searched all available manuals to a shadetree mechanic and cannot even locate the wiper motor much less the afore mentioned switch. Please help. I drive this vehicle 100 miles each way up to the mountains to see my teen daughters every weekend and in the bad weather or extreme cloudiness this is unsafe. ( Of course I use this vehicle beacuse of the great mileage - 24 - 26 MPG on this trip. My Silverado dually which is my regular vehicle gets 24-26 gas stations per trip.

Thanks folks

Welcome to the world of technology, That stuff is now controlled by electronic computer gizmo’s. In Dodges case its called the BCM Body Control Module

So true - I still remember setting points gap and using condensers. So much easier. So does the BCM control other functions? I’m sure it does. Good ol Iacoocoo Chrysler stuff.Where is this gizmo located?

The BCM Controls a lot of things including the instrument cluster Is a great source for dodge info.

It could be the switch itself, the gizmo on the steering column that you twist for intermittent wipers. It could be dirty contacts in there or it could be broken. You might see if you can take the cover off the steering column and replace the switch with one from a “recycling” yard.

My '98 T&C van did the same thing in the delay mode but worked normally in the continuous mode. Fortunately the BCM was replaced under warranty. I think that the continuous mode bypasses the BCM if I remember correctly. If that is correct then maybe your BCM isn’t the bad guy here. You don’t want to go there if you can help it. If my thinking is correct then I would suspect the motor or a connection to it being the problem. If you want to work on this problem yourself I suggest you get a service manual or download some info from Alldata so you will have some reference material to go by.