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1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 98 Dodge Grand Caravan’s intermittent wipers no longer work correctly. Wipers do not sweep intermittently unless I move the switch either to off and back or to regular wipe and back. Is it safe to assume the issue is the switch and just to replace that or could it be anything else?

It could be the multifunction switch or one of the relays in the power distribution center under the hood.

Ok - is there a way to check which it is?

Start with the relays. Find which ones control the wipers (I think there are two), pull them out and clean the contacts on the base of the relays and the receptacles in the PDC. If there are other relays with the same part number in the PDC swap them for the wiper relays to see if that fixes the problem.

I’ll give you the GM answer,module failure (for S-10’s and full size trucks)was so common no one ever preformed diagnosis.Was called "pulse module"IIRC