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2003 S-10 Electrical problem

We drive our S-10 and park it and get out. We go back and hour later and there is no power. The battery has plenty of charge and while we are trying to jump it off, the power comes back. We turn the key to crank and it clicks one time and the power cuts out again. after a few min. the power comes on again but we attempt to crank and the process starts over again. Is there some sort of relay or something that has gone bad. or what is the problem.

Either you have corroded connections at the battery, or the battery is defective. When you do jump the vehicle, and the ower comes back, this would indicate that either the battery isn’t supplying power, or the cable connections are bad so that the power can’t be delivered from the battery.

I have to clean the battery connections on my 2000 S-10 Blazer on a regular basis. Peel back the red cover on the positive cable to clean all the crud out.

In case it’s the neutral safety switch, the next time it happens try starting the truck in Neutral.

Ed B.