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1998 Buick LeSabre disable air ride suspension (how to disable?)

I replaced the rear struts on my 1998 Buick LeSabre Limited (with Monroe Quick-Strut) but realize that I now need to disable the air ride suspension. Is there a fuse? Or is it as simple as pulling off the little cord connected up there?

There has to be a fuse for the compressor somewhere. You may have to check a schematic to see though if anything else is connected to it. I think if you just pull the plug (depending on what plug you are talking about), the sensor may still call for air and turn the compressor on. I just went with the manual air shocks with a shrader valve. Don’t remember disconnecting anything.

Yes, just disconnect the connectors to the air compressor

Open the hood, and against the firewall you’ll see the right and left maxi fuse block.

In the right maxi fuse block, remove the 30 amp Electronic Level Control fuse, and that will disable the system.


Excellent. Thank you very much. I will do this after I leave work today and
report back.

This worked. Much thanks. The manual, FYI, only lists those fuses housed
below steering wheel … doesn’t mention the fuse boxes under hood near
firewall. That is what was throwing me.

take off one battery cable

Huh?? Removing one battery cable is the same as taking them both off. The idea is to disable one circuit with a fuse not the whole car. But after a year the car is probably junked anyway.

Hey Bing, any idea why you are being told to remove a battery cable ? On a year old thread no less .

Nope, not a clue but I’m starting to believe in meds.