Buick Electronic Level Control (ELC) vs Shocks

I have a 2002 Buick LeSabre that is now hopping like a rabbit on fire! The ELC seems to be working as we diconnecteed the rod and moved it maually. The compressor comes on and off and, when we put it all back together, she rode like we were on a cloud.

Since then, it stopped working again. It won’t run the compressor! The shocks are filled with air and we bounce all over the road. It has been colder in the north-east but, even if it’s in the unheated garage, it won’t discharge the shocks.

So, first, what could be wrong?

Second, $900 in parts, from the relay to the compressor and shocks, is just too much! Can we put “regular” shocks on the car?

Your description of what is going on isn’t really clear enough to try to figure what is going on. For instance, you say that the compressor will come on but then say that it won’t. You say that shocks get filled with air but that the compressor won’t kick on. You are all over the map.

One thing to mention is just that the rod/sensor have to be adjusted properly to have the compressor “know” when the car is level. It may have gotten out of adjustment and that might be all that it needs.

But…yes, you can get off of the air system. Your best bet is just to check in with a local shop that is good with alignment/suspension and the like. Basically you can buy stuff like this: http://www.strutmasters.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=2002+Buick+LeSabre and there are probably other options.