1998 Blazer


The wipers on my 1998 Blazer seems to work sometimes and then sometimes not.


My experience is the pulse board on the wiper motor is bad. It is fastened to the wiper motor with 3 torx screws. Runs about $30.00 takes 5 minutes to change.


Another question regarding the 98 Blazer, it has a clicking noise (sounds as if the blinker is still on) but the turn signal light is not on inside or outside the car.


Is the clicking constant?
Does it do it with the key on not running?


It is not constant and only if the car is running. My wife states it goes away when applying the brakes and starts again when releasing the brakes.


Can she give you a general location of where the sound is coming from?


She saids it sounds as if it is coming from the glove compartment dashboard.


This is starting to sound like a bad multifunction switch (turn signal, cruise, wipers, etc). The sound coming from the glove compartment is the flasher, but the problem is in the switch.

My 2000 Blazer had the same problem and I had to replace the switch. My year had a recall, but it had been done before I bought it. The NSHTA website listed the recall and had a copy of the TSB and directions to replace the switch.


The switch was ~$200, I replaced it myself following the instructions on the above link. You might to try spraying some CRC electrical contact cleaner spray or WD-40 into the switch first. This fixed the old switch for about 3 days, but I still ended up replacing it. Perhaps you will be luckier.

Ed B.


Should I replace the pulse board due to the wiper problem (first question) or is this the same problem as the clicking noise.


I would try cleaning the switch first to see if fixes both problems. I didn’t have any problems with my wipers, just the constant clicking noise.

Ed B.