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1997 Volvo 850 A/C Recharge

Been rooting around online to understand how to recharge the Volvo 850. Does it have a high and low side. Seems the low side is easy to find to left of radiator but where is high side? (And am I right that that is the high side?) And are you supposed to fill the high or low side on this car?


A/C repair can be an iffy deal for a novice; and dangerous.
Yes, it has both high and low side service fittings. The high side is generally near the radiator and the low side is often near the firewall or strut tower.

You charge through the low side only. If I assume you are going to use a full gauge set then you should be aware of something. With a can of refrigerant tapped and opened you NEVER open the valve on the gauge set high side. This can cause a can explosion which may lead to loss of fingers, hands, or worst of all; your eyeballs. Refrigerant hits your eyes and they will be gone in a second flat.

You should also be aware that if the system is empty or very low on charge that it has a leak(s) that should be repaired. Otherwise you’re only wasting refrigerant and time.