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1997 Volvo 850 Air Conditioning

The air conditioner is not working well, it’s not very cold. Went to Jiffy shop to have A/C serviced & the mechanic said he couldn’t locate the “high side” and the work was not done. I understand there is a low side & a high side, what the heck is that and is the car missing it’s high side? Can you use the low side? Any & all help greatly appreciated!

Get away from any place with “Jiffy” in its name. Take the car to an independent mechanic who works on automotive AC systems.

Iffy lube uses untrained labor for the most part. You don’t want them working on your car, even to change the oil. They’ve proved they don’t know about your AC system. (It does have a high side port, they just don’t know where it is.)
At least, they did stop instead of risking overfilling it.
Find a good non-chain AC shop and get it fixed.

Thank you both, so is this high side port hard to find? I also want to educate myself :slight_smile: