Recharging the a/c in a '97 corolla

The name says it all. I am trying to recharge the a/c in a 97 corolla and I need to know where to attach the can of refrigerant to.

If you have no idea where to connect to the refrigerant port for recharging the A/C system, you shouldn’t be messing with it as it can be dangerous. This isn’t like filling your tire with air.

You need to monitor the low and high side pressures, operate the engine at the proper condition, provide a high flow of air thru the condensor, and monitor duct output temperatures. If you don’t have the equipment to do any of this, take it to someone who does.


Listen to Tester. I just saw a vehicle the other day in the local Autozone parking lot with a recharge can of R134a that had the bottom blown out. The man was ok but he was scared half out of his mind. The noise was so loud that it emptied the store.

I have done it before in my own car, but a friend is asking for help.

The big line between the firewall and the compressor is the suction (low pressure) side and the smaller line is the discharge (high pressure) side. Find the schrader valve on the big line and attach the can there. The cans I’ve seen wouldn’t fit on the high side.