1990 Lincoln Town Car won’t start when warm



Tues Jul 17, 2018.
1 have a 1990 Lincoln Town Car and after the motor gets warm the car won’t start so I hit the gas tank with a rubber mallet and it starts, it is a real pain.
thank you for your help.


If you have to hit the tank to restart it, your fuel pump is probably bad. And if it’s the original, don’t be surprised, the car is 28 years old!


+1 to @pyrolord314 That is a clear example of a failing fuel pump!


If the OP doesn’t know the fuel pump is going bad, why are they hitting their fuel tank?


To Car Complaints,

Thank you for the information on my

1990 Lincoln Town Car Fuel Pump,

You are right the pump is 29 years old.

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