One of the Car dome light doesn’t work with doors or if i turn the lights on. But it works if i try to turn it on separately

Its Hyundai Santa fe 2013, if you are familiar with its dome lights you know that thera are 3 ways to turn on dome lights
1- Open Door
2- On button which will turn on all interior dome lights
3- By pressing the individual dome light to turn it on either side of the the light.
So 3rd option is working which means bulb is fine.
But 1st and Second option is not working for right side of dome light. Any suggestions?

If it were my 10 year old car, I’d likely ignore it.

Tbe first place I’d look to repair it is to test the switch.

Take a look at the driver’s door-open switch, usually located in the door pillar area , visible with door open. Does anything look wrong, like it is covered with gunk and the part that moves is not moving freely?

Check that the not working position of the switch has continuity. Check the wires going from there to that on button or the door, or the wire might just go to the other working light which means the problem must be the switch.

Suggest to clarify which interior lights are giving you the problem. Refer to wiring diagram link above. Are the trouble-makers the left and right vanity lights? Center room, left, right personal lights? Right and left map lights? The “mood” light? (Wondering what sort of mood it sets? … lol … )

Did you see the picture?

Yes. Which lights are those? The mood lights?

It’s all the same light fixture and bulbs

If you use the dimmer switch to turn them on - it’s the mood light. - not working
If you open a door - it’s the dome light - not working
If you press the button on the light - it’s the map light - works

My guess is the switch is broken inside and not allowing the lights to ground on the “Door” setting.

There’s several lights shown on the wiring diagram posted above. Left vanity light, right vanity light, center room light, left rear personal light, right rear personal light, mood light, left map light, right map light. Which of those are working correctly, and which aren’t?

The picture shows the front seat overhead console lamp, the right-side map/dome lamp is not lit, it is inoperative due to an open circuit in the map light switch.

This is ALL one light fixture. there are 3 ways to turn on each bulb.

2 of those ways fail to turn on the righthand bulb.

Either the dash switch and the door switch went bad at the same time, or the switch in the light went bad.

I’m voting on the switch in the light.

Isn’t the mood light the LED at the top of the “overhead console” block on the diagram? It looks like the NEG terminal on that LED is directly connected to ground. How could a a faulty map-light switch affect it?

The ignition must be on for the mood light to illuminate, I suspect the ignition was off when the picture was taken.