1997 Saturn SL1, 4-door - Ticking in trunk

Okay - A couple days ago, I started hearing a ticking sound as I was driving. Even though it wasn’t the kind of ticking I’d hear if the oil was low - and it’s low a lot, because my car burns it like crazy - I checked the oil.

Right on the line. That’s not the problem.

Day before yesterday, as I was driving to a lunch meeting, I heard a thump under the hood. I thought I might have busted a belt. Since nothing stopped, I assumed it was the alternator belt and so I continued to the restaurant.

I checked the belts - nothing broken.

After the meeting, my car wouldn’t even turn over. The battery is 14 months old, so even though that shouldn’t have been the problem, I accepted a jump.

No good.

A mechanic happened by on his way to his 2nd job at the restaurant, and he got my car started by tapping the positive post on my battery with the handle of his pliers. He told me to just keep some metal handy & I’d be okay.


I got home. Turned off the car for no more than 10 minutes and went to restart it…nothing. Rather than chance touching metal to the battery post, I let the car be and used my boyfriend’s car for my next appointment.

Getting my things from the back seat, I noticed the ticking sound again, and it sounded as though it was coming from the trunk. I opened the trunk, and it stopped. I shut it and opened the back door again - ticking.

What gives? Is this an electrical problem, and if so, how could there be ticking when the car isn’t even on? Why is the ticking coming from the back part of the car and not the engine area? What kind of mechanic do I take the car to and what should I be asking?

My guess is the relay to the fuel pump is stuck on. If I am right it may be wearing the battery down. My second guess is try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.

OK I doubt if you really want to do the battery cable thing, but you may know someone who will. If not fine a mechanic. Tell the mechanic what you know and what people have suggested, but let the mechanic form his or her own opinion. After all they can see the car, we can’t.

sounds like an electrical problem.seen it before tick tick tick ooh no a fire.have it checked right away.