Ticking engine

i had my 99 sunfire oil changed now i have a ticking sound and it wont stop

Check the oil to make sure there is enough. Low oil can cause a tick. If thats not it you could have a bad lifter or valve or something like that.

You could also have a defective oil filter

Does it have an orange Fram filter on it, by chance?

check the oil level. if it is low, check under the engine for leaks, especially around the plug on the lowest part of the oil pan, and around the filter.

if the car is parked over night look for a fresh oil puddle underneath.

if this really started since the oil change i would suspect that they didn’t put enough oil in, or they put the wrong filter on, or they didnt tighten up the plug/filter enough.

check the oil and if its between the marks drive it to the lube place and ask them to check all the possible leaks. (but dont drive it in any case until you check the oil level.)