1997 Saturn SL - bolt leaking fluid

Where in the world did you ever hear or read that? Stay away from them/there…

Sounds like that might be your best choice. But tell them you have trouble with brakes instead of breaks .

You can use an arkansas stone to “dress up” the old copper sealing washers

If you do a good job . . . and you’ll be able to see and feel just when that is, but it’ll take a few minutes . . . you can then torque the banjo bolt to spec, and there will be no more brake fluid leak. Not from that area, in any case


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The washers were the issue thanks guys .now i have a new problem with that car

Replaced maf. Throttle control sensor, o2 sensor, plugs,plug wires,ignition coils,and now it runs for 1sec and shakes its self off hard and will not idle.

You already created another post for that.