1997 Saturn SL - bolt leaking fluid

I replaced front and rear break drums and disks, pads or boots and break cylinders. Now I rechecked many times replaced them all the same way they came off but the bolt is leaking fluid on both rear drum cylinder lines.

Did you thread the brake line fittings into the wheel cylinders by hand prior to mounting the wheel cylinders?


Did you close the bleeder screw?

Yes it’s not the bleeder skrew it’s the connection to the cylinders where the bolt goes into the cylinder

And the video u sent isnt the same as mine the line has a bolt with a hole in it that u skrew in to the back it’s a rubber break hose with copper flat plate that has the hole for fuild to go into the break cylinders. That’s where its leaking from

I replaced it but forgot to take a picture

That bolt sticking out is what I’m talking about it threats into the back of the break cylinders.

Did you use new copper washers on each side of the brake hose block?

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Yes .but the block that u thread the bolt into has two deep scratches on it and the new break cylinders r a tiny different the little edge that it sits on is longer and curves. The old ones were short and flat.

Are you saying this thing uses a banjo bolt and line? If so there should be a crush gasket on each side of the banjo fitting. Otherwise it will never quit leaking.

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Yes it’s on the bolt and the other side of where it goes into the cylinder too.i have looked everything up many times trying to see if I messed up on some small part and from what I see I did everything right but it’s still leaking.the copper washers were alittle banged up looking and scratched so I cleaned them up alittle .would that cause a leak?

I’m getting lost here. Scratches on a sealing surface will keep it leaking. You are referring to the rear but the last pic shows what appears to be the front with a CV shaft and so on which would mean disc brakes.
What’s leaking? Front or rear?

Copper washers should not be reused as it is a soft metal. You might be able to salvage them by annealing them. Use a pair of pliers and hold them over an open flame until they burn green. Then dunk them in cold water and clean them up. That will soften them back up. Ideally, new ones should be used.

Yes theres a copper washer on both sides

Did you replace the two washers for the banjo fittings?


No I hear that if I do that insurance willnt cover any car accidents.is that true and is it easy to fix?

Is the banjo bolt torqued to spec? Should be 36 lb-ft.

Not sure .how what I find that out .I set out to replace the break pads and rotors and when I got to the rear it was a nightmare. Everything keeps having new problems and breaks or falls apart.the disk breaks in the front were easy and worked but now that the backs leak only break works cause of the lose of fuild.

Wondering if I should just take it to a shop ,it cant cost much I replaced everything but the lines

You always replace the banjo fitting washers, or fittings will leak.


You mentioned two deep scratches on the hose block. Those could cause it to leak if the copper washer can’t compress into them. If those are the original 23-year-old hoses, it would be a good idea to replace them, and use NEW copper washers.

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