Saturn rear calipers


I am in the process of doing a brake job on a 1993 sl2. What is the trick to get the rear caliper pistons in so as to install new pads. Thank You for any advice


[b]If you look at the face of the caliper piston, you’ll see some kind of feature such as slots or holes. This allows a tool to rotate while at the same compress the pistion back into it’s bore. So you need a rear caliper piston tool to retract the piston. Most parts stores sell or rent this tool.



Thank you very much, I knew something wasn’t quite right,and I didn’t want to force the piston.They do have a slotted plate on the piston.They are looking kinda sad so if they do not go in smooth I will replace both rear calipers.Do you know if I will have any issues when I bleed? Is it a normal bleed or will I have to worry about an EQ block for the ABS ? thx again


[b]To bleed the rear brakes on your vehicle requires an ABS scan tool. This is because the rear brake displacement pistons in the ABS unit have to be commanded to go to their top-most or HOME position.

Failing to follow the proper precedures for bleeding the rear brakes can result in inoperative brakes.



Thank you for the advice, I am not a certified auto tech,I just have basic mechanical most guy’s my age the older car’s were my forte.
Is changing the rear calipers out of my league ? I do not have a ABS scan tool.With that devise and a manual I am sure I could accomplish this job,but I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars for a one shot job.Seem’s like a repair shop might be the sensible choice. All advice is greatly appreciated. Tnx!!!