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Saturn coolant leak after replacing belt tensioner assembly

We have a 97 Saturn SL2. The belt tensioner assembly cracked and after the guy replaced it, immediately upon driving, the low coolant light starts flashing.

Drove it this way a few times while keeping an eye on coolant level. Parked car for a few days, then notice a big puddle of green coolant under car. It has been sitting now for sevearl weeks.

Could increased tension from the new tensioner pulley cause the water pump to die?

The car has never overheated, though. If water pump was toast woudln’t it overheat?

Could the guy have nicked something or left something off when putting the new tensioner on? What could he have done?

Tell me where to start.

Any help/advice appreciated.

God bless

The first place to start is to find out where the coolant is coming from. If it is coming from something you had fixed, you didn’t do yourself any favors by waiting more than two weeks to take it back.

Find out where it’s leaking from to know the answer.
Clean well first, then the leak origin can be seen.
If not , add a leak dye to be seen with a uv lamp.

Worst case scenario is
They could have tightened the bolt too much and cracked through the face that it bolts to into the water jacket.

( I’ve sold many a timing cover in my day due to over tightened or too long bolts )

One trick I do is to put a white paper towel under any suspected leak spots right after running the vehicle. If its the water pump, it would just be coincidence and just because a water pump is leaking, that does not mean that it is not working. You do NOT want this all aluminum engine to over heat though.