1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 auto. with 26,000 miles

My grandmother passed away recently and I was given her 97 Plymouth Breeze. It only has 26,000 miles on it and in the past 3 years it has probably been driven only 1,000 miles. It has the 2.0 with 4 speed automatic.

All maintenance records were in the glove box. I will list the only things done below…

- new tires in 2004

- new battery in 2006

- oil changes every 3000 miles

- new gas cap and filler tube in 2007 for CEL being on

(CEL is still on)

- passenger side mirror reattached in 2008 :slight_smile:

THATS IT in 13 years ! LOL

This is what I plan to do…

- pcv valve

- oil change

- fuel filter

- bottle of injector cleaner

- trans. fluid and filter change

Can anyone tell me any problem areas with this car that I should look for or any other items that I should replace ?

Thank you all very much for your help.

Your Breeze has a timing belt, which is now 13 years old. Regardless of mileage I suggest you put replacing the timing belt at the top of your to-do list.

The 2.0 engine in your car is an “interference” engine, according to Gates. If the timing belt breaks the valves and pistons will collide, resulting in expensive internal damage. Think thousands of dollars.

While you’re at it, replace any other belts, too. They all wear out just from age.

I’m wondering about the condition of the gasoline in the fuel tank. Gasoline doesn’t have a very long shelf life. I’d want to get the old gas out and put some new gas in ASAP.

Then I’d have the computer scanned to see why the CEL is on.

Consider the timing belt moved to the top. :slight_smile:

Fuel filter in this car supposedly should never need replacing, plus its over top the gas tank. So I would only replace it if it becomes a problem. My 95 Stratus 2.0 is pushing 170,000 Thousand with the same fuel filter.

I would check very carefully for oil leaks at the head gasket, and if there is any signs of a leak, then replace the gasket with the timing belt to save labor cost.

Change the coolant and brake fluid. Good luck.

Thanks for the input so far…
I am not going to replace the fuel filter.
A new gas cap fixed the CEL.
I am going to drain the radiator and put new coolant in.
Checking the brakes and fluid too.

There seems to be a tick coming from the driver side of the engine. I’m not sure if it is exhaust related or not. It almost goes away after the engine is warmed up but I can still hear it. It does become more loud when there is strain on the engine. i.e…A/C comp. turns on while idling. It changes with RPM.
Oil was changed a few weeks ago with 10w-30 synthetic and new WIX filter.

BUMP :slight_smile:

Under the brake master cylinder mounted by the shock tower is the evap purge solenoid. This solenoid cycles with engine RPM, and can make a ticking sound that can sound like a engine tick. Locate the valve, and if the noise is coming from it the noise is normal. They relocated this valve after 97

Note: My engine since new has been a little noisy in the valve train. It could also be a lazy valve lash adjuster.

Thanks !!!
Thats really great info !

It is not the evap purge solenoid.
Its coming from the engine itself. Towards the back of it.
What part of the engine would a valve tick come from ?

BUMPITY BUMP ! :slight_smile:

Oil in the coolant and a hissing sound coming from the engine.
Time for the head gasket!? Just turned to 30,000 miles !
I will do the timing belt too. How much will this cost me ?

Coolant is brown.
But no coolant in oil.
Now thinking I just need to change the coolant. It is still original so thats due anyway also.
This car is a great example/reminder that just because a car has low miles doesn’t mean there will be less problems…LOL