1997 Honda Civic EX--Strange Noise


I have a 1997 Honda Civic EX, Manual Transmission, about 93,000 miles. Lately, I’ve noticed a rubbing/squealing/grinding noise coming from the left front wheel area whenever i’m turning at 25 mph or below (both in neutral and in gear). I’ve taken the car to my mechanic, but they’ve been unable to hear or find anything wrong. To add to this, my cruise control is broken. Could that be a factor in this? Thanks for the help!


I doubt that the two are related, but you never know. You say this noise is there all the time but your mechanic can’t hear it, is that correct? I suggest you let another mechanic drive the car and see what he or she hears.


kinda sounds like axle or axle boot if so, nothing to do with cruise control