2004 Honda Civic EX MT clicking/grinding sound

Hey all,
As the title states, I’ve having a problem with my civic. It makes this clicking/grinding noise during 4 separate occasions:

  1. turning to the right
  2. going in reverse
  3. applying the brakes <30 MPH
  4. engine breaking- I hear a grinding at higher speeds when I let off the accelerator.

2004 Honda Civic EX, 5 sp MT, 1.7 L, ~172k miles. I’m not a mechanic, but do almost all my maintenance at our hobby shop on base.

I first noticed this noise only when applying brakes approaching a stop sign. I checked my pads and rotors and they looked good. The noise is coming from the front drivers side of the car. Pulled the pads off and they appeared to be wearing differently (only slightly). Regardless, I replaced the pads and rotors. The problem persisted. I checked the wheels for play to see if it was a wheel bearing, but there is no play.

Then, I noticed the sound when going in reverse and turning to the right. All information I found pointed to a faulty CV axle. From the outside, the boots were normal. No tears, no grease. It didn’t make any specific noise when turned, but oh well. I replaced both of them today. Replaced the transmission fluid with genuine Honda. Pulled out of the parking lot of the hobby shop and the noise persisted.

Ball joints appear to be fine, wheel bearings appear to be fine. The guys at the shop suggested maybe it was the caliper not engaging correctly; perhaps air in the lines. Tomorrow I’m going to bleed the brake lines and see if that helps. Otherwise, when else would cause this noise? Video attached…

There are 3 parts to the video. 1 is the last few seconds of me slowing down from an on ramp. I click the turn signal apply the brakes and you hear the noise. The next section is again slowing down at a stop sign. The last section is backing up out of a parking spot.

Any help would be appreciated. This repair is getting expensive and no one can seem to point to the cause for me. I’m not a pro and have had it inspected twice.

I’m having trouble attaching the video. If the attached doesnt work, here’s a dropbox link to it…

You might want to check the lower control arm bushing where it connects to the underside of the body for wear. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1147344&cc=1425451

It’s the big black thing at the bottom of the image.


I have an '03 Civic EX (manual trans) and the heat shield fell off about a year ago. It rattled at some odd times, due to harmonic resonance in the exhaust. Just a guess, but check the heat shield to see if some welds are loose.