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Noise in rear of my honda

I get a rub sound when iam only going about 5 miles an hour and usually when turning left. I sounds like it is coming from somewhere on the passenger side and near the back. It makes this sound only once in awhile. Sounds like a body rub kind of sound. I have newer tires and they look fine and my shocks appear to be ok. I don’t see anything wedged up under there either. This car only has about 88,000 miles on it and is in nice condition best I can tell. Sure hope someone has an idea to help me figure this odd one out. It is a 2007 Honda ex sedan.

It could be a failing differential bearing; I had that and the “swish swish” sound made me suspicious. A competent mechanic should take the car for a test drive and determine the source. Dragging brake components have been known to make this sound as well. In any case, don’t keep driving as it may get very expensive later on.

A bad tire, like with alternating partially semi-bald spots, is another possibility. Take a look at the tread on the right/rear tire. And check the inflation pressure. When you turn left it puts more force on the right side tires, so any problems will show up in spades during left turns.

88,000 miles? Original brakes?
I’ve seen brake wear indicators act like this. Start by having the brakes checked. Post the results.