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1997 Grand Jeep Cherokee/ Electrical Help

The passenger side of my jeep accumulates water when it rains. (leaking Sunroof) I remove the water as soon as possible, however Lately it has developed problems starting. There is a clicking sound that is coming from under the glove compartment or maybe the fuse box in the same area. Is it possible that the fuse box could be causing the shortage and my next question is can this problem detected/ corrected, by rewiring entire box or damaged wires? I love my Black Beauty, very little problems and only 112, 000 miles.

you already know the problem and you know that it needs to be fixed. Start with the cause and fix the leak even if it that spray on rubber It will probably stop clicking when it is dry but start carrying a lot of fuses from now on maybe even a soldering iron and electrical connections.

All of these sunroofs “leak”. The problem with getting water inside the car has to do with the drains. If one of the drain lines is cracked it will allow water intrusion. If one of the drains is plugged it will allow water intrusion. The solution to the water intrusion is to remove the headliner and fix/ clear out the drains.

The clicking very well could be a blend door or recirc door motor. When they try to drive they make a clicking sound.

I doubt the fuse panel has a problem. Can you give us a better description about the starting problem? I assume the starter motor is working. To help pin down the circuit that is clicking you could pull fuses in the dash panel one at a time to see which one stops the activity and let us know which fuse stopped the action.