1997 Geo Metro LSI


The car has no bottom end power, and sometimes even dies. I have to leave it in low gear (automatic) and VERY SLOWLY crawl into traffic. Often this nets me “the bird”. The rpms build up and I can move to the next gear, etc. the car will roll down the highway at 65, but with no reserve power. It idles perfect, has good compression, and shows no signs of a blown head gasket.

Here’s what I have tried:

Timing light shows proper timing advance.

Electronic pick up coil inside distributor is adjusted proper distance from pickup rotor and Ohms out exactly to spec in Haynes manual.

Ignition coil Ohms out to spec.

Replaced cap & rotor.

Replaced fuel filter.

Replaced upstream O2 sensor.

Replaced igniter located on firewall.

Computer diagnostics indicate no problems.

Have not tried replacing the ECU unit as yet. I’ve read one forum that alluded to an ECU default “limp down the highway” mode if the ECU died. Any ideas. I do all my own work & have a diagnostic computer. I’d love some new ideas. Thanks.

Brian in Austin, Texas


And the fuel pressure is…? Measure the fuel pressure, in drive, at 2,000 rpm for about 3 minuets. Did the fuel pressure hold; or, did it fall off? Have you done vacuum tests, and compression tests that show good values? When the car moves slowly, is the engine racing? In other words, are you sure the transmission isn’t slipping?