Geo Metro 1989 loss of power

Up to 1 third throttle feels fine - above 1 third throttle feels like it’s not getting gas.

When was the fuel filter last replaced?


I have a 96 Geo metro had similar problem. It was the egr valve. My mechanic couldn’t beleive it was that simple. About a 5 or 6 dollar part. Might be worth a try. I think you can test it by removing the egr valve from the valve cover. It will throw some oil out unless you stuff it with something. Use something that breaths though. I guess they are crank case pressure sensitive.

2 years ago the fuel filter was replaced. The car has been running great. Late last night it was about 32 degrees, I started the car and took off - the problem started immediately - this is the first time this has happened. Normally I warm the car up. Today I warmed the car up, but, the prolem is still there. Also, we live in Oregon which has ethenol gas.

Then the next thing to check is the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is below minimum spec, the engine will run fine to a certain point. Then the lack of fuel pressure will cause the engine to lay down and produce no power.


You must mean the PCV valve. A stuck PCV valve will cause crankcase pressures to rise. It is only about $5 and is usually attached to the valve cover with a simple rubber grommet and a rubber hose. The EGR valve is bolted inbetween the exhaust and the intake manifold, and, according to my sources, costs about $150.

Thank you, I’ll check that tomorrow.

A clogged exhaust or cat would act like this too. The engine would produce a given volume of exhaust gas …and from there on, the pavement would turn to wet cement. Can be easily determined with a vacuum gauge.

I found what was causing the problem: It was the throttle body fuel injector resistor which is located on the firewall driver’s side, a small silver alluminum box with cooling fins on it (we took it off another geo we had as a parts car). My son and I looked in the shop manual (he found this) after putting a new fuel filter, spark plugs and wires in it, and cleaning the rotor and distributor cap, as well as putting Chevron textron 3 fuel injector cleaner mixed with the gas. Prior to figuring this out we’d checked the fuel pump head pressure next to the throttle body (pulled that hose off)then put a T fitting in that hose and checked the fuel pressure while it was going through the throttle body. Runs great now with a few more horse power. Thanks for the ideas and hope this helps someone else.