97 Geo Metro Starting Issue

I have a 97 Geo Metro two door that just stalled on me one day driving up a hill. It was low on fuel and so I thought it might have just ran out of fuel. I put more fuel in it but it would not start. I had it towed back home and disconnected the hose out of the fuel pump to see if any fuel would spray out. It did not. This lead me to conclude the fuel pump is bad. I replaced the fuel pump but this still did not fix the problem. I had an electrical guy looking at it run a bypass wire to the fuel pump and it still did not work. His conclusion was that the ECM is bad. Does this sound like a logical conclusion? Please advise…I really appreciate your help

You said the new pump did not work with the wiring bypassed or the car would not start? The ecm usually will control the fuel relay. Did you check that?

The ECU may be controlling the ground connection for the fuel pump so check the power on both sides of the pump leads. If you have 12 volts on both sides when the pump should be running then the return lead of the pump is not making connection to ground.

I don’t have any idea what the wire “bypassed.” Did anyone just put a straight 12V to the pump to see if it runs? Did anyone put a meter or test light on the pump connection to see if its getting power?