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Geo metro problems

i have a 1991 geo metro it was running on tues and wednesday like it was out of time. when i got home i looked at time and found it to be in place, so i went to my haynes manual and next thing on list was egr valve, replaced now it wont run at all. i pulled of the dist. cap and scraped the points. moved timing forward a tooth then back a tooth, getting fuel i flooded it so i pulled all the plugs and took a little map gas torch to it dried plugs and cylinder still nothing re ran plug wires still nothing. getting air, spark, fuel!!! where do i go next i was told ignition switch but it still turns over fine just not running please help.

Can you try to put everything back the way it was and let’s start from there.

When was the last time the plug wires were replaced? How about the plugs? Also the distributor cap? How old is the air filter and fuel filter?

What about compression? Try running a compression test, and see if any of the 3 cylinders is low.

Also, did you check for spark at the plugs or the cap? Did you check resistance in the wires? Any signs of carbon tracking on the cap?

Also, was the EGR valve new? Are you sure it was good?

“next thing on list was egr valve, replaced” Are you quite serious? You have a Haynes manual that says if your car runs rough first check the timing and if that’s ok replace the EGR valve?

If that new EGR valve happens to be stuck wide open for any reason this could prevent the car from starting - if stuck open it is basically a big vacuum leak.

You didn’t say anything about how you checked for spark.

it was running and had a bad idle or lope. first was fuel pump i checked next was air filter cleaned it, next was timing appears to be correct and vaccuum and egr where next i replaced egr and now nothing, i checked spark at wires and at at both spark.

A bad loping idle very often comes from a vacuum leak. If it was loping badly then the leak would be pretty large. If it gets large enough the car won’t start. So that’s what I’d be looking for. A stuck open EGR will act like a big vacuum leak. Be mindful of the fact that the EGR is a system, not a “part.” There should be a vacuum system schematic on the underside of the hood. I’d find it and start working my way through it.

comp test

120 1
60 2
120 3

Ouch. Time to look for a new car. Or if you want to resurrect this one do a leakdown test to figure out where the pressure is going. If you’re on the luckier its a valve problem and you might get by with valve work alone. Of course you never said how many miles are on the thing. I suspect it isn’t worth the trouble.


153? Are we to presume that means 153,000 miles? The internet is a weird place. People can’t read your mind here.

Your engine is toast. With 120 on all three cylinders it would probably run, but would still be on the way out. With 60 on one of the three cylinders I’m not surprised that it won’t run.

yes153000 and re did test my bad got 150 all the way across