'96 Geo Metro 3cyl Hesitates under constant load

Any gear, any speed under a constant fuel load will hesitate occasionally after it warms up. I have replaced: timing belt, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter…not to mention clutch, axles, fluids, tires etc that have no bearing on this issue I assume. Any help on Troubleshooting?

It’s a Metro, this is normal.
When you tromp on the pedal it says “you talkin to ME ?” " you want me to do what ?" :))

It isn’t normal. This just started for the first time. The car has over 175k miles…I think I would have noticed it before. I understand 3cyl no power…it is the jerking/hesitation that is not.

Anyone else want to help with advice other than “this is normal”

That was all in jest. Metros have a million jokes just waiting in the wings ( kinda like Yugos ).
My drummer had a Merto 3cyl that would zip around most anyone. It doubled in value when he beefed up the stereo, two home speaker cabinets took up the whole back seat.

Currently asking techs in my Ford garage.

I got the joke ken :wink:

Have you actually checked the fuel pressure? You’ll want to test it with a load on it. You may just be due for a new fuel pump.

How is the air filter?

just cleaned the “throttle body” and new air filter… haven’t checked the fuel pressure yet.
I m having a ton of vehicle issues now…1 motorcycle needs carbs rebuilt. The other battery wont take a charge (neither are interchangeable!) Now the Metro runs like it should (crappy). If only I had a job I could at least get one of them fixed right!

I will check that once I get back from the Battery shop…at least that I can fix LOL!