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1996 Honda accord coMpressor like sound

I have a 1996 Honda accord ex with the vtech and 176000 miles. The problem Is everytime nomatter if the engine is how of cold there is a noise coming from under the hood that sounds like a compressor and when this happen and I try to step on the brakes, it’ll work but it would vibrate. When I opened up the hood It sounded like it was coming from the right side of the engine (where all the belts are) what might this be??

Thanks alex

It could be the ABS high pressure pump. This pump is locted on the driver’s side of the car (where the belts are), and activates whenever the engine is started to pressurize the ABS system.

Are any of the warning lights on the dashboard lit?

The AC compressor is also located in the same area.

No only the srs buts I thinks thts common on Gondar this old, but it’ll do that for a few minuites but go away