95 Honda Accord A/C clutch relay location



Can anyone tell me where the A/C compressor clutch relay is located on a 1995 Honda Accord V6. It stopped working and needs to be replaced but I cant find it for the life of me.


Can you still hear it clicking? In that case, disconnect the compressor (to prevent it from short cycling in case the relay decides to work) and have someone turn the A/C on and off while you locate the noise.

Or you can trace the wires from the compressor.


No, its DOA. Ill have to work my way back from the compressor. Thanks for the input.


If it’s “broken” to the point where it doesn’t even click, either the coil burned out or the actual problem is something that is interrupting voltage to the relay coil. When you find the relay, test for voltage across the coil.
The coil in an A/C compressor relay is fairly thick so it’s unlikely for it to burn out.

Exactly why do you think the relay is bad?


The A/C relay fuse is good. the compressor wont kick in. The freon level is ok. When I jump 12 volts to the hot wire of the clutch, it works and the pressures are all OK. It has to be the relay. Thats all there is between the fuse and the clutch. The blower switch checks out OK.


How do you know that the control circuit is actually sending 12v to the relay?
Since the pressures are fine and it works, could one of the pressure controls be stuck open? If there’s a delay-on-break timer or other anti-short-cycle device, could it be defective? Are all the connections good? And last but not least, is the thermostat actually calling for cool?

The compressor relay more often fails closed rather than open, but it could fail either way.


My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I thought this model had a relay box mounted on the right front strut tower and the cover was marked accordingly.

The chances of the relay being the problem are pretty slim.
A look at a schematic shows that the white wire to the relay should have power at all times, the black/yellow to the relay should power up when the key is on, the red wire goes to the compressor clutch.

Now, the issue. The remaining blue/red wire grounds through the ECM and provides a ground to kick the compressor relay.
This means you need to check the blue/red wire to see if the ECM provides a ground for it when the engine is running and the A/C is on. If not, unfortunately, you may need a good factory manual to trace it further because the ECM is going to receive a number of inputs to provide that ground for the compressor relay.
Failure to provide a ground means an input problem (maybe the radiator fan control module?) or either a faulty ECM.

With the key on, run a ground wire to the blue/red wire at the compressor relay. If the relay kicks and the compressor comes on then you know the problem is as mentioned.
Be SURE to check fusible links first since the compressor relay is powered through one of these (white wire). Maybe this is the only problem. Hope that helps.