Air Conditioning

The AC only cools a little. The suction goes down to 0 and the high pressure side goes to only 100 psi. I have tried adding refridgeriant. I drew the system down with vaccum and charged to mfg spec. still the same. No noise in compressor. I brought it to the Honda dealer, they went through the same steps and shook their heads. Recomeded they change compressor, expansion valve and return tank and filter. $1,600 plus tax. If the compressor pulls a vaccuum on the suction side, then where does the gas go if the high pressure side does not go up. Confused in Arkansas

Get a second opinion. As for the pressure, what was the pressure on the system when the compressor was off. When fully charged the pressure should be about 90psi on both hi and low. When operating, low side should drop to about 30psi and hi should rise to over 200 psi. A low side at ZERO and high at 100 would indicate a lack of refrigerant.

When compressor is off pressure is about 40 PSI both sides. My reaction was also, low refridgeriant, so I added, and added. nothing. after I played with it a few days, I took it to a local AC place. He also said it was low and added. But then the high side did not come up. So, he put a vaccum on the system and pulled it down. Then re-charged the system. Same results only about 100 psi on high side. At that point he did not know what was wrong. So I then went to the local Honda dealer. Much of the same. First they told me it was just a little low. Then they pulled the system down and re-charged. Same problem.

Can the compressor be “bad” if it still pulls the low side to ZERO and is making no obvious noise. ?

It’s been my experience that the static charge on an A/C system (engine off and nothing operative for at least a few hours) should be about 120 PSI. This means on both the low and high side.

Forty PSI is way, way too low and you state you added refrigerant so what was the pressure then?
You state 100 PSI on the high side. What does this mean? The static pressure, when the engine is running and A/C on, etc?
What is the pressure on the low side?
55 kilos?