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1996 ford bronco broken spring mount

Hi, I saw a 1996 ford bronco for sale, $600 only problem is the spring mount is broken, is it worth buying? how much will it cost to fix. Thanks

There is no way anyone can say if a vehicle is worth buying over the web . It needs to seen in person and hear it run . As for cost to repair , that is also next to impossible . If you having the work done then call that shop and see what they say.

When you see one rabbit in your backyard you can be sure there are a lot more. It looks like the mount is rusted away. It may be able to be fixed, but another rusted out part is going to give out, then another. If you really want to pursue the Bronco, take it to a mechanic and pay them ~ $100 to inspect it. I am willing to bet there is so much rust damage the mechanic might be afraid to put it on their lift

Well? You’ll need two of these, because both sides should be done.

Then find a shop who’ll be willing to cut out the rusted parts, and weld in the new parts.


No wonder it’s for sale at only $600. I’d run away from this since this could be a sign of how the owner took care of it.

You only buy vehicles like this when it is YOU who will be doing the work. Otherwise it blows the “Good Deal” right out the window when you have to pay someone else to repair it.


I can guarantee you that a broken spring mount is NOT the only problem with this vehicle.

Whether it is a decent purchase for you or not depends on what you want this for: Daily driver or fun vehicle to rebuild/modify.

Daily driver- I do not recommend purchase.

Fun/rebuild/modify: if your pockets, interest, and skills are enough, go for it. Get someone that knows what they are looking at to give it a once over BEFORE you purchase it, so you know what all you are getting into.