Im thinking of buying a used Bronco

Im thinking of buying a used Bronco xt, its a 96, 92k, very good shape, $2000.00, the problem is I have a 94 Bronco xt, 121,000 miles, very good shape, runs great and I put in around $5000.00 over the last 5 years (trannie, transfer case, etc…) Is this too small of an upgrade for the trouble (reggie, insp, etc…) and more importantly is 92k about the time everything starts to go and have I got past that hump with all the things ive repaired? Im sure I could get $2000.00 easily for mine?

It sounds like a downgrade to me. These are pretty much identical trucks, right? But yours has a brand new transmission, xfer case, etc, whereas all that stuff on the other truck presumably has 96k miles on it.

There’s nothing magical about a few dozen k’s on the odometer or a couple of model years, it’s all about how the truck has been treated and maintained. I personally would not trade the known commodity (your truck) for the unknown.

Good point, great info, thanks!

Definitely a higher risk propostion than keeping your current Bronco, which is a KNOWN QUANTITY and has had many things repaired already. At that age, a couple of years don’t mean much; the care and feeding of the beast over those years is the most important!