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99 Dodge Stratus starting/driving problems

This is somewhat similar to a recent post, but there are some differences that might indicate a different problem.

I was driving 3 days ago on the highway and the car stuttered twice and lost power. Radio,lights were still fine. When I tried to start the car several hours later it started up fine and drove great.

I drove it all over yesterday, no problems. I get to my boyfriends house, turn it off come back in 10 mins the car did not start (dont think its the alternator/starter). Left it there, later in the evening he started the car and drove to a gas station near my house (30 mins away). Stopped the car and it wouldn’t start again for 20 mins.

Ok, I have new spark plugs and battery. The only odd thing that has been happening for a while is that when the fuel tank is full the indicator goes up and down until it’s at half a tank and then it behaves normally.

I really can’t afford a big mechanic bill. Any suggestions on the problem and is it a DIY fix or do I need to go to a professional?

Any help is appreciated!

You need to find out if its is gas or spark trouble.
Everyone should have these 2 things to narrow down a non running car.
A can of name brand starting fluid with straw. Follow black round tube from air cleaner to the motor and loosen at motor and spray, then try to start. If it starts trouble is fuel related.

To check spark use this between plug wire and plug.