Stratus computer

I stalled out, now it cranks but doesn’t start, as though the ignition wires were removed. Computer? Is this something I can do in the driveway?

Why condemn the computer right away? What year Stratus and how many miles?

If the spark is not there, the coil(s), ignition module, spark plug wires, distributor if it has one are all suspect, and far easier to diagnose than the computer.

I would suspect the computer first ONLY IF the CEL did not light for a couple of seconds when the ignition is turned on.

Thanks. I am thinking computer because it was running, stopped as though I had turned it off, and now acts like there’s no spark. The idiot lights all come on and go off just like for normal start up, except of course it doesn’t start. If this was the good old days, I’d be looking at the distributor and rotor. It’s a 2000 year, 145,000 miles.

The computer is usually the most reliable part of the electrical system on any car.

Is the computer showing any codes?

Has the timing belt on your Stratus ever been replaced?

Have you checked to see if the timing belt is broken?

If the belt breaks the engine will stop running, as if you turned it off, and will not restart.

Check the timing belt.