1996 Dodge Stratus - won't start after extensive repairs

I apologize for the laymen’s terms, but I’m not too well versed in engine speak. Our 1996 Dodge Stratus will not start (6 cyl 2.5 ltr engine). The clock comes on and we get the noise from the starter, but the engine won’t start. We did some extensive repairs and this happened after we had everything put back together. We replaced the water pump, a pipe running under the engine block (where the cyliders are) relating to the cooling system, spark plugs motor mount and adjusted the tension on the power steering belt. Any ideas what to look for? Prior to taking the engine apart, it would start but due to the broken water pump and pipe overheated quickly. Thank you.

Describe “noise from the starter.” Are you saying that the engine cranks over perfectly well, but it doesn’t fire up? Or that it just clicks or something? Or that it turns over but weakly? How someone advises you will depend a lot on things like that.

If it isn’t really cranking at all or is cranking very weakly, clean up all of the battery cable and alternator connections. Follow each and especially search out & find the grounds. Also put a multimeter on the battery to check its voltage.

If it is cranking strongly, but won’t fire up, the first thing I would do is double check that all of the plug wires got hooked up properly - both the actual connection and that all the right wires are going to the right cylinders.