1995 GMC Yukon - Sluggish despite the blow outs

Sluggish going up hill and muffler blow out

What does that mean?

Now, if you want advice, please provide all the usual information.


I think it means it’s slow and loud. The opposite of what Gas Monkey Garage would do

If you mean you heard a loud noise and the muffler blew off the end of the tailpipe, that’s often caused by misfires. If the combustion mixture in the cylinder doesn’t combust, it gets expelled out the tailpipe, and if the exhaust system is hot enough it will explode, sometimes blowing off the muffler. Tom and Ray used to tell a story about doing this on purpose (for fun!) inside the tunnel going to Boston’s Logan Airport. They’d turn the key to off to disable the spark, then turn it back on to hear the exhaust system make a loud bang, amplified by the tunnel acoustics … lol …


That bang was in the soundtrack of my childhood. We lived a block from a long gentle downhill that led to an old low bridge across the river. I came to associate that loud bang and the adults’ disapproval with what it would mean to be a teenaged driver. Warped for life!

Two days later, no response.
Another cryptic “drive-by” posting?


I think it is time to just ignore those vague posts in the worthless Ask Anyone section . And the Moderators should convince who ever is in charge of this Forum it is time to dump it.


I think we have ask that “Ask Someone” be eliminated numerous times. OPs on that category usually do not respond even when emailed.

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